Fund Management

Our Fund Management software provides the means for an organization to define how the Fund contribution and disbursements work, and as well payments are issued and managed. The system provides benefits to reduce data entry errors, validates key rules for funds entry and distributions, and prevents issues caused by improper distribution of transactions through incorrect account selection.

What can you do with it

Fund management at its best:

  • Setup Account Profiles and Rules
  • Setup method of Contribution/Disbursement
  • Setup Contribution/Disbursement Rules
  • Setup Rules on Reporting Requirements
  • Reporting - 50+ reports
  • User Management and Role Based Security
  • Online Contribution and Reconciliation

Case Study: Oregon Universal Service Fund and Oregon Residential Service Protection Fund

The OUSF/RSPF apps are the OPUC’s newest Web application, for Fund Management of quarterly and monthly reports from the Telecommunication Companies doing businessin Oregon, online payments as well as reporting. Among its comprehensive data entering functions, the system checks user input as it is typed, validating it and providing real time feedback, while allowing the users to manage valid data, current and historical as allowed by the rules. It allows for online contributions, and the system also reconciles the payments based on the payment info it receives from the designated bank on a daily basis. The system integrates with OPUC's ERP System, where key business functions are centrally stored and processed. The system brings a level of convenience to the Telecommunication providers as well as the OPUC users, as the system administrators. The system has fully managed administration suite, for Role based user and security management.